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"It's the Process,

Not the Product"

Is the end result all we're after or is the process of trying the best part? Can the road we're traveling be the excitement? Will the anticipation out weigh the reward? Is living our freedom just as important than the writing of the constitution? Is holding the paint brush more valuable than selling the painting?

For years I've said it's the process, not the product. The process is like the gooey center inside the chocolate truffle. It's the paint covered hands. The here and now. The moment of creation.

In college art teachers only looked at the results. Paintings were handed in, criticized and then graded. We were taught the final product is the only thing that matters. We weren't taught the process is supposed to be fun! We got stressed out instead.

Art school never taught me art was about expressing your inner soul. My teachers never told me to paint with my toes, draw with crayons, or get crazy with bread dough. Instead they stifled my creative spirit by putting way too much emphasis on the final product. They taught me results were the only thing that mattered and they had to like the results. I had to be able to use my art to get a job where someone else would base my pay on results.

But years later, I learned they were wrong. I discovered it's the process not the product. They had missed the whole point of creation. It's not about completing some prize winning sculpture. It's about the feel of the clay between your fingers, the touch, smell and texture. It's the here and now, the point where the future doesn't exist and the past is merely a vague memory.

I became a much better artist the day I stopped stressing over the results, comparing myself to others and worrying about the outcome. Stop, pay attention, and love the process because you are the most important part of the creation!


See my miniature scenes, like this one, named Herbert's Heap, which won two blue ribbons at a miniature sculpture competition.


** OWEN **

Turkey Bird Studio was named after our pet turkey. He was so funny and loved to follow Gary and me around the yard. He especially liked to go down by the pond, sit on a log and watch the wildlife.


*Celebrating Life & All Things Creative! *

I have been making things for as long as I can remember. My mother would happily tell you about all the messes I made around the house when I was little.silasandme.jpg The sniddles, as she used to call them, plaster, yarn, pens, markers, paper etc. etc. After high school I went to college to study art. A few years into my studies I was in need of money and bored with school. My father was self employed and I saw how much he loved his business buying, selling and repairing Volkswagens. I thought having a business of my own was just a pipe dream. But with $40.00 in my pocket I started the corporation that has supported my husband, me, our pets and employees for over thirty years,  It's proof you can do anything you set your mind to.









I hope you enjoy this website.

It is dedicated to my personal artwork, my love for the creative spirit and the joy art brings to my life.



Paintings & Drawings

These photos are of my personal collection of paintings and drawings. Things I've done for fun, decorations for my home and studio. I hope you enjoy them.meatball-mini.jpg

image003.jpgI use all different types of media from acrylic paint, to clay, wood and even food. I've painted on marshmallows, bagels, toast, crackers, etc. I've made sculptures in restaurants out of bread. My parents never wanted me to get bored or I'd start painting or sculpting something on my plate from whatever was available. I've used foam lunch trays as canvas and make up for paint. It's all about what you've got to work with. Take it and make the best of it!


Sculptures & Mosaics


I have always loved bringing a bunch of junk together to create something new! Here are just a few of the mosaics Gary and I have done.sun3-mini.jpg




Over the years I've done many different types of artwork but one of the things I still love most is sculpting miniatures. From the reindeer bathing in a gingerbread and sugar hot tub to the wedding cake topper for a friend, miniatures are great fun.

roy-lisa.jpgFor sculpting I use clay, fimo, salt dough or whatever's around. Some of the most fun sculptures I've done are when I set up limitations for myself and work within them. Like, I can only use things I found on a hike. It's amazing what creative things you can create from sticks and rocks and junk by the side of the road. It makes you think outside the box and challenges you to use found objects rather than purchased art supplies. And it's a wonderful way to recycle. Use an old dryer drum for a bottle tree, or a satellite dish for a bird bath. See how I did it by clicking on my sculptures page.


Sideshow Gaff



Making sideshow gaff is a new thing for me, though I have been interested in it for many years.

When I was little Mom and me would go to the Straight Shows, that's the sideshow that used to come here.

It's gaff...that means fake. And it has a sense of humor and mystery about it.

I have such great memories of those days. The colorful posters, the junk food, the the giant rat, the tattooed man, the bearded lady.

These things are made from artist materials like fimo and salt dough and faux fur.



Images on Toast

I started doing images burned into toast as a joke, a way to de-stress and let go, but to my surprise people love them. And I love using food in my art. The images are actually burned right into the bread as if you put it in your toaster and wa-la out popped President Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe or Jesus.


It's silly and fun and all the things art is supposed to be. It's makes you laugh and smile and who wouldn't want one.

Soon after that I started embellishing the pieces of toast with colorful found objects like this one of Marilyn Monroe with plastic babies for hair and a rhinestone necklace. I also added a bit of color for her lipstick and some blush. So silly it's laughable.

A customer wrote...

"A truly nifty piece of kinky mod-art with a historic twist"