I call this painting CT because I was sitting in the hospital waiting room bored as hell while a friend was getting a CT scan. When I brought back lunch from the cafeteria I noticed the foam lunch tray. I didn't have anything with me for drawing so I started with mascara, eye liner and blush. After I got the basics done I realized the gift shop had crayons. And there you have it.


The Marshmallow Creator

image014.jpgI made this piece for an art show at the High Falls Gallery in downtown Rochester. It is made of marshmallows, painted & varnished. After that, I put a word or group of words on each one about creation. I didn't know it until I got to the show, but marshmallows were created in Rochester. The High Falls Gallery curator asked me if they could put this piece in the museum about Rochester. What a weird coincidence and an honor for my marshmallows!


Self Portraits

meat20-1.jpgMe at 18

image017.jpgMe at 20

meat30.jpgMe at 40

me.jpgMe at ... ?

I'm not telling.



dotcat.jpg ******

Obviously I love to paint cats!

Image005.jpgHand-print Ceiling

Okay, so you shouldn't let your friends paint & drink! We've had this crazy ceiling for about twelve years & every time we look at it we're reminded of that wild night.

********* Giant Cat Paintings *********

For years I wanted to do a series of crazy cat paintings to run across the 40' long wall at Smidgens. Finally, over the winter of 2014 I took the time to do them. Each painting is 40" x 40".

meatball-mini.jpgChubby bubby-mini.jpg






Wizard Dog

Our friend's dog dressed as a wizard, and his owner, a colorblind, biker dude, that never knew I painted him in pink & lime green clothes. This was a contour drawing, the kind where you don't look at the paper while drawing.dave.jpg






Albert Einstein in 3D





                      The Wind...

image038.jpg      The Clouds...image028.jpg





See more of my artwork on the Turkey Bird Studio Facebook page.