***************  Sculptures & Mosaics   ****************


Alice was made from an old mannequin and thousands of tiny parts...coins, tiles, glass, springs, gears, mirrors & buttons. I hope you enjoy these phand-mini.jpgictures of her.






Sun & Moon Mosaic

Gary & I have always loved mosaics. We have done many small ones but before we decided to do this entire outside wall we spent a weekend in Philadelphia studying (and working really hard) with the wonderful mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar. It was an experience we will never forget.

If you ever visit Philly be sure to stop at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens.

To see additional pictures visit the Turkey Bird Studio Facebook page.sun1.jpg



A Greek God in Modern Times

I found this old sculpture at an auction.

Painted him flesh tone and the fixed him up with jewelry and hand painted evil clown tattoos.