Roy & Lisa's Wedding Cake Topper


I love sculpting tiny people out of fimo, but this was a first for me. I was honored when my friends Roy & Lisa asked me to do their wedding cake topper.


We decided to give Roy a sleeveless tuxedo so I could put all his tattoos on the miniature version.



Me at 80

I was asked to do a sculpture that could hang on the wall for a show at the High Falls Gallery in Rochester. This is what I came up with, Me at 80! It even made the front page of the newspaper.



Fimo Hippies

Just some fun little hippies made of fimo.



Fred the Flasher



Fimo Volkswagon

I made the front of this VW to hang on the wall. It is fimo over the top and foil inside.


Miss Raz Berry

A few years ago I took a pottery class. As soon as the teacher said I need to be 'centered' to work on the wheel I knew I was in trouble. Centered and symmetrical are not things I can do. At first I hated the class. Then I just gave in to the fact that nothing I did was going to be straight. I had so much fun making these crooked pots. I painted them like naked ladies because the clay looked like rolls of flesh.



************** Miniatures **************


 Herbert's Heap

This miniature sculpture was made of fimo, wood, paint, etc. For the car I started with a plastic model. I drilled thousands of holes in it with a dremel tool, then added fine sand for rust. After that I painted the whole things using washes until the rust looked real. I antiqued all the little parts and then assembled the whole scene. The inside of the car is also filled with goodies.



















Bertha's Cat House

For Bertha's house I started with empty dry cat food boxes. First I glued them together, then I cut out the center for the opening. Bertha is made of fimo. Her cats are cotton balls which were wet when I formed and painted them.








 The Gingerbread House

Every Christmas tgingerbreadhouse.jpghe town of Lima has a gingerbread house contest. This was my entry for 2009. Everything has to edible except for the base.

First I made large sheets of gingerbread which I cut into the walls while they were flat. Then I poured cooked sugar into the window openings. After that I started building up some rice krispie treats to hold the walls stable and then glued the walls in place with icing. I cut the window frames from fondant and added the details with washes of food color. The roof is made of fondant shingles with poppy seeds rolled into them and then painted with food color.



The reindeer in the hot tub was one of the things people at the show liked most. I formed the base from the rice krispie treats then made strips of gingerbread which I glued around the edge with frosting. The reindeer are made of salt dough and painted with food color. The bubbles are hot sugar mixed with blue food color and then poured over ice chips. I broke them up and added some white food color to look like bubbles. Towels are fondant. Mr. and Mrs. Claus and the elfs are made of salt dough and fondant.












 Dracula's Castle

For this miniature show we were asked to create a typical room. Being that I don't relate well to the word typical I created a 'typical' bedroom in Transylvania. Dracula and his bride are just waking up for the night getting ready to scour the countryside for breakfast. The castle is made of plaster shaped over a screen support structure and then painted. Both Dracula and his bride are sculpted of fimo. This has 12 volt electric lighting and during the show I had a small fan behind it so cool air blew on your face when you looked at him in his coffin.




Witches Brew

Watch out for the witches preparing their love potion. For this sculpture I started with an old wrought iron kettle. I made all the witches from fimo and their clothes from fabric. During the show I had dry ice in the pot creating steam. It was a huge hit.














 Uncle Fester's Antique Shop

This antique shop is filled with tiny items I either made or found and antiqued with paint and stain. Fester is sleeping in the corner, not a very busy day in the antiques business.