The Happiness Rules

Happiness Rule#1

Think Happy Thoughts!

Change the way you think & things change.


Happiness Rule #2

Take Inspired Action!

When Something inspires you don't be afraid to move forward.

******Novels & Short Stories******

Gravy cover-mini.jpgIf you think your family's a bunch of wackos, you ain't seen nothin'. Franks mother, just out of the loony bin, thinks the tabloids are true and his Nana insists she's on her death bed; meanwhile she drinks, smokes cigars and curses nonstop.

Frank is stuck taking care of them, a job that would make even a sane person think about slipping some rat poison into the spaghetti sauce.

He feels alone and like he has no one to love until a mangy, stink mutt crosses his path.

The ultimate dysfunctional family goes on a wacky ride in search of the lives they stopped living years ago.

But in the end they learn, it's all about the gravy!


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